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We provide competitive logistics solutions for our customers. Our quoted prices can either be FOB China, FOB factory, or to your store or warehouse. If the quoted price is FOB China, we will handle all exporting documentation out of China and provide all necessary information to your logistics company in a timely matter.


If it is to your store or warehouse, we will provide complete import solutions from ocean shipping and U.S. customs documentation, to in-land trucking. All you have to do is wait for the products to arrive at your store or warehouse.  


We can also quote FOB factory, and if you need it, assist you in consolidating a full container. Many of the bathroom and kitchen product factories are located in Foshan, China, where our factory is located. Chances are you also have products that are produced at Foshan as well. Our factory will offer free delivery of your products to any other factories in Foshan for consolidation of a container (delivery to factories outside of Foshan will be charged based on distance). We also offer our loading ramp and warehouse space to you for free if you want other factories to deliver their products to ours for consolidation.   


Best of all, we work with your supply-chain demand schedule and offer flexible adjustment to orders and free warehousing of your products at our factory. 

Logistics and Consolidation

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