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1. Can you send me a sample?
Yes. Our samples are free of charge and you just have to pay for shipping. Please look at our sample page for more information.


2. What are the shipping methods of samples?
Samples are usually shipped by courier since it is fast and delivers directly to your door. They include:
     • FedEX
     • UPS

     • DHL


3. Do you have dealers in my area?
We don’t have dealers in the U.S. since we sell directly from our factory. The price you get is the wholesaler price whether you are ordering one box or one container.


4. My order is small, can you arrange it?
No order is too small or too big for us to arrange. We do have a minimum order amount for ocean freight, but we can arrange small orders to be shipped by air.


5. What if I don't know how to import or cannot import?
No problem. You do not need to worry about any import documentation, logistics, or handling services. The product is delivered to your door with no extra charges. This is called door-to-door service.


6. Do you manufacture ODM orders?
Yes. We have vast experience in manufacturing ODM orders. Actually we have been partners for some famous manufacturers and retailers from other countries. Our services are not limited to simple production. Please visit our ODM page for more information.


7. Do you have minimum order quantity requirement?
No, we don’t. No order is too small or too big for us. However, the prices will vary depend on your order amount. There is a minimum order for ocean freight shipment. Any waterjet mosaic does not have a MOQ requirement.


8. What new products do you have now?
Please refer to the new product pages.


9. How will my order be shipped?
Our prices usually include shipping fees, but we also provide comprehensive and flexible shipping solutions for your order should you choose to ship with your own courier. Orders may be shipped by sea, by air, by courier, etc. According to your needs, we can deliver your order to a destination port, somewhere in your city, or right to your warehouse or store address.


10. If I provide a design, can I have exclusive rights to it?
If the glass tile is your design and is only manfactured at our factory, we will offer you exclusive rights to the design. There are some limits to this as it is difficult to patent or trademark glass mosaic tile designs. Please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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