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Meitian Glass is a global sourcing manufacturer and exporter in China of a wide range of crystal glass mosaics and tiles, including glass mixed stone mosaics, glass mixed metal mosaics, goldleaf mosaics, home decoration items and decorative construction materials. Meitian Glass offers superior products at outstandingly low prices.

Since 2006, Meitian Glass has grown globally to serve customers in over 20 countries. These customers include major retailers, interior designers, contractors, builders, decorators, remodelers, homeowners, purchasing cooperatives and wholesalers in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Australasia and Asia.

East Mosaic Tile has exclusive wholesale brand rights to Meitian Glass products in North and South America. We sell directly on behalf of Meitian Glass to distributors, wholesalers and building supply stores. The products we sell are manufactured in compliance with global standards and our quality is at the top of the tile industry. Our products come with a full guarantee and our customer satisfaction rate with existing customers is 100%. People choose our products because of the excellent quality, competitive pricing and reliable service. We offer a large variety of products which means there is something for everybody.

About Us

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