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If You can Dream it

We can Manufacture it

As a manufacturer of glass mosaic tiles, we offer customization that tailors to your brand or store. Our factory offers over 3000 colors on our pallet to choose from, more than 100 different marbles and stones to select from and another 50 different metallic designs. On top of that, we have 20 different surface finishes on glass, galvanization on metal and designs on marble or stone.  Your imagination is your only limitation!


Our factory has in-house designers, product and color engineers who can help you transfer your dream to reality. All assistance is free of charge and at the end of the process we produce an actual sample for you to see. This way you get to decide whether what you designed on paper is a tangible product. We will make any necessary adjustment to the sample.  


We can also match existing samples’ color and materials to accurately replicate them. We use the Panton Color Matching System to correctly identify and match the colors.


Let us help you bring your dream into a reality! Contact us today to see how partnering with a manufacturer can benefit you and your business.

Customized Mosaic

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